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Player Info

User: sialomaniac
Class: Overlord
Admin?: No
Level: 80
Next level: 9 days, 17:27:24
Status: Online
Host: sialomaniac!
Account Created: Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970
Last login: Sat Jan 20 19:08:14 2018
Total time idled: 183 days, 15:37:38
Current position: [25,332]
Alignment: Good
XML: [link]


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amulet: 113 [Dwyn's Storm Magic Amulet]
boots: 43
charm: 62
gloves: 69
helm: 54 [Mattt's Omniscience Grand Crown]
leggings: 42
ring: 68
shield: 57
tunic: 40
weapon: 380 [Jeff's Cluehammer of Doom]

sum: 928


kick: None
logout: None
mesg: None
nick: None
part: None
quest: None
quit: None

total: None

Recent Character Modifiers

[04/24/18 05:30:51] viatalibera, sialomaniac, Tendrils, and grimgrimey have blessed the realm by completing their quest! 25% of their burden is eliminated.
[04/24/18 11:18:24] Tendrils [297/778] has challenged sialomaniac [787/928] in combat and lost! 0 days, 20:10:00 is added to Tendrils's clock.
[04/24/18 22:18:25] 4 Drisanna [328/1030] has challenged sialomaniac [59/928] in combat and won! 0 days, 03:28:03 is removed from Drisanna's clock.
[04/24/18 22:38:58] sialomaniac took special IdleRPG training classes from Xua! This wondrous godsend has accelerated them 0 days, 17:23:33 towards level 81.
[04/25/18 05:18:26] sialomaniac [32/928] has challenged viatalibera [651/880] in combat and lost! 0 days, 22:26:29 is added to sialomaniac's clock.

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